Sunday, 20 May 2012

One Sunny Weekend

 Last weekend, when cloudy London brightened up with some sunshine, my sister in law and her boyfriend got married! It was such a lovely, sweet, beautiful wedding - perfect in every way! I would like to share with you some of the photos taken by our friend, Chris Blaine (thanks Chris for letting me share your beautiful pics!). Aren't they all look gorgeous? Enjoy! 


The cutest wedding topper - Sylvanian family! 
Tom gave a very good speech! Well done!
Pom pom decorations by me!
 Pretty Mexican handcut buntings - can you see their names? So cute!
 (Images by Chris Blaine)

Congratulations, Katie and Ben! 

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Monday, 7 May 2012

View from the top

My sister in law is getting married in less than a week (Wooo!) and I was invited to her hen do the other day. To be honest I am not really into drinking and when I drink, even a half pint, literally my face goes bright pink and get really sleepy... (Don't ask me why, it's genetic!). Although I enjoy going out, I am not one of those people who go out for drinks every friday night and get wasted. To me the idea of the whole typical hen night is a little frightening! Luckily she isn't that kind of drinking type either and she just wanted to have a genuinely good night out with her friends, not a big drinking session (So much better, don't you think?).

We started off with some cocktails in style in Paramount bar which is located on the 32nd floor in Centre Point. Seriously, my jaw dropped when I walked into the bar and saw the view! It's amazing! Unlike Tokyo or New York, there aren't many tall buildings in London so you can see pretty much all the iconic sight spots from the top!


じつはこのヘンナイト、人によっては結構派手に仮装までして街にくりだして、飲めるだけ飲みまくるみたいな人たちも結構いたりして、ぜんぜん飲めない私にはだいぶ苦手な感じ....。でも幸運にも義妹もお酒に強いタイプではなく、落ち着いた場所で楽しく集まろう!という事になり、ほっと一安心。とういうことでロンドンの高層ビルCentre PointにあるParamout barに行ってきました!

このかなりイケメンでオシャレなParamount bar、足を踏み入れた途端そのすごい景色に絶句!ビルの32階にありロンドンの景色が360度見渡せます!私も思わず飲みそっちのけでそのすごい景色に夢中!笑 お値段はやっぱりちょっとお高めやけど、特別な夜に出かけるのにぴったりな素敵な場所です!みなさんも是非!

Can you see the Union Jacks? London is being prepared for the Diamond Jubilee Ceremony! 


You can see the big wheel and river too. Night time must be quite stunning as well!   


It was such a great night out and we had so much fun! Can't wait for the wedding! 
Hopefully I can post something here on the weekend... 


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Friday, 4 May 2012

Meet the...

I would like to share with you my new items in my newly opened online shop, Mrs Gumi. Please meet Kiki and Lilu the bears and Mimi the bunny!

最近ハンドメイドのお店をインターネットにオープンしたのですが、そのお店Mrs Gumiに新しいアイテムが仲間入りしましたのでご紹介!クマのKikiとLilu、ウサギのMimiです!気に入ってくれるとうれしいな♡

All available in my etsy shop here!  Thank you for looking! (Here is the story behind opening my shop...)


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