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Friday, 26 April 2013

Don't grow too fast, my little boy!

it's been such a long while since i last wrote! living with a little baby has taken over my life completely - sometimes i forget to take a shower, i often eat food standing up these days, i learned how to go to the toilet without putting him down and waking him up, also i now walk round the flat so quietly like a ninja so i won't wake him up!

but i've been missing writing this little blog of mine and always feel like i should document all those precious little things that happen in our life now. (but i always end up choosing to nap rather than blog!) keo is now 3 months and a half. he is growing fast. real fast! he rolled over the other day. hooray! (i was half asleep and nearly missed the proud moment!) and started to talk (well, not really "talk" but he makes a noise. sometimes he goes on and on like he is passionately talking about breast milk or something! :)




these are his little videos - here and here if you are interested....

please don't grow too fast my little boy! (but please sleep at night....)

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

6 weeks!

keo will be 6 weeks old this thursday and is growing very fast! he has turned into a VERY hungry baby and feeds so much. when he cries for milk, nothing will make him calm (but my boobies!) he went through a growth spurt the other week and he was feeding every 30 mins which was tough! he now has proper chubby baby cheeks and arms and legs which are so adorable and i could just keep stroking them forever.

we are slowly getting into a routine and he is feeding every 2 to 4 hours now which is giving me some time to sleep too.... we started to take him out in a sling to the park/local shops and he loves being in it and sleeps very well. being outside also takes my mind off the daily feeding routine and keeps me sane so i'd better keep it up. 

i am still sore from the daily feeding (my nipples that is.) and went to see a breastfeeding lady at a local children centre the other day to get some help. she says the latching is perfect (thanks to all the youtube clips/website that i desperately watched million times) but his mouth is still small and he can't open his mouth wide enough which is apparently the reason why.  apparently it could take 3 months for the pain to go away.... that's another 2 months! umm...

P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who sent us cards/presents! keo is a very lucky boy! we can't thank you enough for your generosity!


でもあいかわらずおっぱいは痛いままで、先日近所にあるチルドレンセンター(国が経営しているママと子供達のための施設でいろんなクラスがあったり子供達があそべる施設)の母乳エキスパートのお姉さんに話をしにいったところ、吸い方は問題ないけれど、どうやらきおの口が小さいのが原因のようで、3ヶ月ぐらいすればいたくなくなってくるでしょう、とのこと。あと2ヶ月も痛いのかとおもうとちょっと気が重い....。涙 でもおっぱい大好きのきおのためになんとか頑張らなければっと日々の授乳にのぞんでおります。

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Oh Baby!

Keo Oscar Lloyd arrived on Thursday 10th January 2013 at 11am 
Birth weight  2770g 
Length  47cm 

Life is magical! 

樹生(きお)オスカー ロイド 1月10日 木曜日 朝11時に無事産まれました。
体重 2770g
身長 47cm


 " oh!? what's up? "

it's been 2 weeks since he arrived and i have never experienced such intense weeks in my whole life. Needless to say that we are overjoyed with his arrival and every little thing he does melts our hearts - but oh my goodness, our life is completely turned upside down and me and tom have turned into total servants for "king keo" ever since as tom's mum says!  

the first obstacle was breastfeeding. i am still getting the hang of it but never thought it would be this hard to breastfeed a baby. i only started to produce enough milk on the 8th or 9th day and until then i was struggling to keep him happy with empty boobies and sore nipples! (there were nights where me and keo were BOTH crying for more milk!) 

i am also getting used to the new routine with little sleep. thankfully mum is here until this weekend and she can help me with putting him down to sleep between feeds so i can get some rest. tom has been a great help too and keo likes to be cuddled by daddy and settles well. 

it's been only a couple of weeks but it's been such an life change experience! although i still haven't got much time to sleep i am determined to document those precious moments with our little man on this blog as much as i can!


まず最初にぶつかった壁は「母乳」。初日から早速母乳をあげているのですが、まさかいきなりこんなに苦戦するとは!ちゃんと母乳が出るのに8、9日かかったのもあり、きおはいつもお腹ぺこぺこ、すごい勢いで吸い付いてくるのもあり、もう初日から乳首がいたくてたまらない。2,3日目からは出血もする始末。きおもわたしもおっぱいほしさに二人で泣いてる夜もありました。笑 2週目となった今週はなんとかおたがい慣れ始めてきてやっと軌道に乗ってきた感じかな。(だけどまだ痛い!涙)


まだまだ「きお様」がうまれて2週間しかたってないけれど、ほんとにいままでに経験した事のない内容の濃い2週間、この先もどうなるやらこのブログで 頑張って記録していこうと計画中!

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Big 9 Months

this is the second post this year which is not too bad since i gave myself a little new year resolution. i am usually not very good at keeping it so I am starting small.

i am due tomorrow (wooo!) but the baby has not showed up just yet (as you can see the empty crib!). i am feeling a lot more pressure downstairs and started to have slightly different sensations in my belly so hopefully this is the sign........ (fingers crossed!)

it's been an exciting and big 9 months (literally!). this is my first pregnancy and it was totally a whole new experience. i enjoy being pregnant and i think i'll miss it! luckily i didn't have major problems along the way but there have been a lot of changes on my body and thought i should document it here.

first trimester
  • morning sickness. for some reason I went off sandwiches. Weirdly a thought of having sandwiches made me sick (lunch at pret a manger? no way.) 
  • total exhaustion! Never felt that tired in my life
  • sore boobies but bigger! (Yay!) 
  • no appetite and weight loss (I was living only on cereals and japanese noodles) 
second trimester 
  • the first time when I felt the baby move was just amazing
  • a lot more energetic 
  • occasional strong pain on my fibroid (i found i have a fibroid outside my uterus wall but thankfully it's harmless and nothing serious) 
last trimester 
  • severe pelvic pain but it's got better after a while (we got too excited and overdid it a bit on our holiday in berlin...) 
  • swollen hands and feet (not fun!) 
  • stretch marks (not fun at all!) 
  • insomnia (i now need 7 pillows to make myself comfortable in bed) 
  • i still don't know why but i barely have hair on my leg now but got so much on my back like a hairy old man. oh dear. 
there are so many more small changes but these are the major ones i thought i'd write it down to remember the good time. the only thing missing now is the baby in the crib........! 



  • つわり。不思議な事になぜかサンドイッチが無理に。サンドイッチの事考えただけではきそうに。かなり謎!
  • すごい疲労感。人生であんなに疲れたことないくらい眠いしクタクタで仕事の後はベッドに直行。
  • 胸がはっていたい。でもサイズも大きくなって人生初のぺちゃぱい脱出!笑
  • 食欲がなくなって3キロほど体重減少。(これまたなぜか、シリアルかにゅうめんしか食べたくなくなった)
  • はじめて胎動を感じたときは感動!
  • 疲労感もなくなり元気がでてくる
  • 今回の妊娠で子宮の外側に筋腫があることが発見。たまにキリキリ痛くなる。でも筋腫じだいは悪性ではないので一安心。
  • 骨盤が炎症して歩けないくらい一時すごい痛くなる。でも安静にしていたらだいぶ回復。(ベルリン旅行にいった時にどうやらはしゃぎすぎた模様....。自業自得。)
  • 手足がむくんでパンパンに!
  • 妊娠線出現!(涙)
  • 睡眠不足。なぜか目が覚める。さらに枕7個くらいをカラダのまわりにセットしないと寝れないほどおなかもパンパンで苦しい。
  • なぜか足のむだ毛がほとんどなくなったかわりに背中が男みたいに毛深くなった!(トムもちょっと引いてたほど毛深い。笑)でもなんで背中!?ホルモンって不思議やねぇー

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a wonderful New Year with lots of happiness!

(note to self: my new year resolution - blog more and try to document my new life of being a mother :)



Tuesday, 18 December 2012

On The Desk

i am finally on maternity leave since last week (thank god!) which is just about the right time as i am really getting uncomfortable with this huge belly now. i am 37 weeks tomorrow and apparently the little man can pop anyday now and my nerves are kicking in a bit. he has his head down (phew!) and i've begun to have period pain-like sensation more often so it really feels like it's not so long now until we finally meet our little dude........ i have been busy with prep for welcoming him and sorting christmas presents out at the same time and i am glad that i have all this time to do this (since everything takes double the time with this bulky bump in the way!)

there are some pictures of what's happening on my desk this week if you would like to see...

1+2. getting crafty and making bibs (a lot of them!)
3. breakfast prepared by tom on a weekend
4. going through a phase of sweet tooth these days - so hard to refuse!
5. wrapping up christmas presents
6. ebay finds
7. my big appetite continues!
8. although i have been using them everyday (like 3 times a day, no joke!) i found small stretch marks on my belly the other day... sigh.



1+2. 経費削減でビブ(よだれかけ)作成中!
3. 週末にトムが作ってくれた朝ご飯。人につくってもらうとやっぱりありがたいねぇ(トマトはどうやら足りなかったらしい 笑)
4. 最近やたら甘いものが食べたくなる
5. こっちはプレゼントのラッピングはお店ではやってくれないので、みんな自分でやります。でも結構楽しいので嫌いじゃない♡
6. ほとんどのベビー服は頂いたものか、ebay(ネットオークション)で安く購入したもの。みんな口を揃えて、すぐ着れなくなるから!ってゆうので高いのは手が出ません。
7. あいかわらず食欲満開。
8. 妊娠してから毎日2回も3回もオイルやらクリームをお腹にぬりまくってたのですが、このあいだ臨月にはいって妊娠線ができてるのを発見!ショック!涙。いまのところ広がってないのでまだましだけど....。とほほ。

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

breastfeeding, have you done it?

we have been attending antenatal lessons in the last weeks which has been very useful but has really hit us that our little baby is really on his way soon and we are barely ready for it! this week's session was about breastfeeding. I personally agree that it's the best way to feed your child and I am totally up for it, but I am full of questions and am very interested to know what it is really like to breastfeed your child.

my dear friends, if anyone reading my blog today has breastfed or is breastfeeding your child, I would love to hear what your experience is/was like! did it get painful? how long did you breastfeed your child? tried but didn't work? did you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? i'd love to know! :)

P.S. my midwife said that putting a cabbage leaf on your breast is good for sore boobies - we were like "what, really?! (like this..?)"




PS 助産婦の先生が「おっぱいがいたくなったらキャベツの葉っぱを胸に貼るといいですよ」と素で言ってたんですが、え、ほんまに...??こういうこと?

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Berlin, we love you!

since we found out that we are expecting a baby boy, one of the things that our friends with kids always tell us is "make the most of your free time while you can!". when our friend, who moved to berlin 2 years ago, invited us to visit their place our response was "YES, WE ARE THERE!".  although i was slightly worried about travelling at 7 months pregnant,  it didn't take long for us to make up our minds knowing this would be the last holiday just for the two of us!

so we have just come back from a lovely long weekend in berlin - it's such a fascinating city with a great combination of history and modern culture and we both absolutely loved it!  i would like to share some pictures today if you are interested...

妊娠がわかってからまわりの子育て中のお友達からよく「今のうちに自由な時間をエンジョイしときや!こども生まれたらなかなか自分の時間がなくなるで!」といわれます。そんななか昔ロンドンでなかよくなって、今はベルリンに旦那さんと住んでいるお友達に遊びにおいでっと誘われたときは私もTom もほぼ即決でベルリン行きを決定。やっぱり妊娠7ヶ月で旅行するのはちょっと大丈夫かなぁとも思ったけれど、この機会を逃すといつ次ホリデーに行けるかわからないし、飛行機でも1時間半ほどで行けるし、もちろん久しぶりにそのお友達夫婦にも会いたかったので、これは行っとくしかない!ということで誘われたその日の夜にはすでに飛行機のチケット探しをスタートするほど即決でした。


 (Thank you so much for your hospitality! We miss you guys!)  

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

25 weeks

in the last few weeks my belly seems to have really started to show and i thought i'd post some pictures here. i'm now 25 weeks (how did that happen?!) and when i think that i only have 15 weeks to go it really feels like this pregrancy is going by so quickly and it's actually not so long until we will be able to meet our little baby boy

this is me and my babybump in the last few months... i was surprised how expensive maternity clothes are and i've only bought a couple of items so far. thankfully some of my dresses or skirts still fit me and i am hoping that i don't get too big otherwise i seriously don't know what to wear any more!


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