Sunday, 1 May 2011

So long Japan. Hello again London.

Konnichiwa lovelies! Long time no blogging! We are back from holiday in Japanland. We had soooo much fun as ever spending time with the family and friends, eating simply DELICIOUS food, hanging out in sakura fulfilled Kyoto. (ahh it was truly beautiful..) It was the first time for both of us to visit Japan in spring and it was such a nice time to be there. Our holiday couldn't have been any better! Though I am also happy to be back home and even happier that we have a looong weekend! Thanks for the day off, William and Kate!

Anyways, here are some photos to share with you our holiday times...

 The beautiful Expo Park in Osaka. Tulips were in full bloom!

 Yes! Picnic with Japanese food! Heaven...

 Look how roomy the train is! 
Though it's kind of scary to think it gets super packed in rush hour..

 We were both lost for words at this beautiful Japanese garden
in Heian shrine in Kyoto...

When Tom does this with his tongue, he is VERY focused.
(Often seen when he plays football game on computer.)

View of Pacific Ocean near Ise Shrine

Oka-san and Oba-chan. (Mum and Grandma)

My friend works at this amazing cafe run by
one of the best ryokan (Japanese style hotel) in Japan, Tawaraya.
They have been open for whopping 300 years!

A dreamy rape seed field. Sigh....

Don't you just love this train? I wouldn't mind a long commute on this..

 Lunch with my lovely cousin at cafe Mitsubachi-do in Osaka. Yum.

 Look how tall this sakura tree is!

We got married at this shrine on a hot summer day... 
(I mean REALLY hot. I nearly passed out in a kimono!) 
The year of the rabbit!

Me and Yuta (my little brother)


We had a such a great time but it also struck us at the same time seeing all the news about the earthquake and how severe the devastation is. There are still aftershocks every one or two hours everyday in north Japan, and a countless number of people are still living in shelter having no idea when they can return home. 
I will be continuously running my personal project, Craft Aid, to keep giving long term support to those in need. So please help me help Japan! 

P.S. Apart from eating lots of food, I couldn't stop myself shopping too. I bought lots of fabric and my creativity is at its peak! (I even got myself a pair of Ray-Ban glasses when actually I can comfortably see everything. Oh well.)

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend! 


  1. Japan looks amazing, I wish I could go there some day. And how great is that train?! So much more fun than the dull London one's!

  2. I know how cute is that! Though it's the cutest train I've ever seen in Japan and others are pretty normal...

  3. Tsugumita :)
    what a great piece of art you do ! amazing stuff. where can I buy any of your make ? for my baby boy.
    big kisses for you



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