Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sun, Heat and Camels

Seriously, the weather couldn't get any worse than this, right? People generally love talking about the weather in this country (or moaning is probably the correct way to put it :) but now I clearly see why and I can't help myself joining them as it's SO bad.

Having been hit by an awful storm of freezing rains and winds yesterday (quite literally) and even getting to the nearest bus stop seems to be a mission at the moment,  I had no intentions to go out today. All I did was dream about all those places we have ever been to where the sun is shining, hot and happy. 

We went to the Sahara desert last October and that's probably the driest place we have ever been to. The feeling of sun burning on your skin and the dry heat in the air seem to be far far away and I can't quite remember it anymore...  At least this video and pictures of the holiday are making me a bit happier!



あまりにも天気が悪いので、今日は1日中室内で過ごしてます。笑 いままでに行った暖かくて晴れてて楽しかった旅行の写真なんか見ながらため息つきながらまったり....。去年の10月にサハラ砂漠にいったんですが、あの太陽が肌に焦げるくらいあつい感じ、もう忘れそう!早く暖かくならんかなぁー!その砂漠のホリデーのビデオと写真をちょっくらどうぞ♡

Oh, can anyone bring back the sunshine please! :)
(more pictures here

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Aren't these pictures brilliant? These cutest girls, Krisin and Kayla, are the daughters of a wedding photographer Jason Lee who took these amazingly creative pictures. I love the way they look so full of life! You can find more pictures of the adorable sisters here

この楽しくて素敵な写真は写真家Jason Lee の作品。このかわいすぎる二人、KrisinとKaylaはJasonの実の娘さん達だそうです。今にも写真から飛び出しそうな元気いっぱいな二人、やっぱりお父さんならでは撮れる表情なんかなぁ!かわいい二人の写真はここからもっとみれます!

(The image from Jason Lee via here.)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Apple Mobile

This morning I was thinking about what to make and I realised that we got some spare cheap coat hangers in our wardrobe that I could use to make a mobile. I wasn't sure if it would work so I made something simple to go with - felt apples. And it worked very well! Now it's ready to hang!


I am quite pleased the way it's hanging - So I made a video!


Hope you enjoyed it! 

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

100 days to go!

No so long now! Did anyone get lucky enough to get a ticket? I am so jealous that Tom got a ticket from work to see women's football. Lucky him! (I will be watching on telly at home by myself...) We live just around the corner from the Olympic site so I am hoping to see some famous athletes and touch their medals!


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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Make Your Own Desk!

Hello friends! Hope you all are having a great weekend. As some of you might know we moved to this flat last year and doing up the flat has been on our agenda ever since. We still have lots of things to do but this weekend we ticked one big item off the list - Making our own desk!

I am not a hardcore DIY person but I do enjoy putting shelves up and painting and putting wall paper around the flat. I have to admit, I LOVE to go to those hardware shops like Homebase (We saw Stewart Lee shopping in Homebase by the way! :) and just browse those small nails and things that I don't even know how to use. This time, we wanted to create a work station in our flat where one of us can sit and do our own thing comfortably (crafting for me and writing for Tom). We have looked everywhere for a good size desk with no success. So we decided to make our own desk ourselves!


というのも、ロンドンのフラットの値段は日本に負けないくらい高く、私達のフラットもけして広いとはいえません... そんな家の中でそれぞれ作業できるスペースを確保するためにまえからずっと机を探していました。(トムもパートタイムで大学に通ってるので勉強に机が必要。)でもなかなかいいサイズのものがみつからず、お金の節約にもなるし今回は自分たちで作ってみよか?といことで手づくりに挑戦!

We got basic wooden boards and table legs from Homebase. (The leg is only £1.50 each! So cheap!)

 Paint the boards and let them dry... 

Once dried out, just nail the legs on and that's it! So easy! 

With a couple of shelves to go with here is our new work station! Hooray!


Have a great week ahead everybody!

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What's in your makeup bag?

Easter has gone past so quickly and we are now back to reality again! (I had no idea that my body could take that much chocolate in one weekend!)  We had a lovely family lunch on Easter Monday and my sister in law was wearing such gorgeous eyeshadow by Mac. She showed me what's inside her makeup bag with lots of fab items like this and this (and this too!). Isn't it always so much fun to peep inside someone's makeup bag? Do you wear lots of makeup? What's your must have item? I would like to share with you what's inside my makeup bag recently...




1. Rimmel Eye Shadow Bold Behaviour
2. Chanel Mat Lumiere 70 Pastel 
3. Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner Black
4. ILLAMASQUA Lipstick Corrupt
5. Max Factor 200 Calorie mascara
6. Bourjois Blush 74 Rose 

I wear mascara everyday and having tried so many different ones so far, this mascara from Max Factor is the best one I've ever had! It works very well on my thick Japanese eyelashes! :) What is your favourite mascara? I'd love to know what's inside your makeup bag too!

P.S. Here is 10 iconic red lipsticks. (My current favourite red lipstick is Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood! :)


(Me wearing the ILLAMASQUA lipstick :)

Have a lovely week everybody x 

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week of Sunshine

We have been blessed with a lot of sunshine in London and it has been incredibly nice and warm! Since the time has gone forward last weekend, each day feels much longer, which is lovely, and to me everyone seems just so happier! We have been out more this week to enjoy the weather and here are some random photos from this week!

ここ最近のロンドンは本当に奇跡的な快晴が続いております!夏時間もはじまり、毎日毎日、日が長くなってきて(今は夜8時くらいまで、さらに夏は10時位まで明るい!イエイ!)やっーとこさ長い冬がおわって春になった感じです。こう天気がいいと、まわりのイギリス人のみなさん普段よりなんだか幸せそうです。(冬は反対に機嫌が悪そうな人もすくなくない気が.... )わたしとトムさんも日が長い分今週は外出が多い週でした。そんな今週の写真をいくつかどうぞ!

(We have been to: Richmix to watch this film, Borough Market for a delicious pork belly sandwich, Wonderhill Market for crafty shopping, Victoria Park for an early evening walk... )

Hope you all have a great week and Easter! (We were here this time last year. Wonder when we will be back there next time...) 


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