Sunday, 27 February 2011

The First Bird of Spring

Hello there! February is nearly over and I really don't know how this happened! But the good news is spring is definitely in the air - I hope the warmer and longer and sunny days are making everyone happy.

Not only the spring on its way, you can't imagine how happy I am - a new sofa has finally been delivered! After a long painful days of not being able to sit comfortably watching telly, also a slight competition of "who gets the best spot", is over! (We had a freebie old second hand IKEA sofa given by the neighbour)

Now that I am gratefully happy, the printing weekend continues - this time it's an easy silkscreen. Don't be put off by silkscreen because this one is very easy and so much fun!

You don't need special equipment! All you need is:
1. Your own design
2. Your own screen made with embroidery hoop and sheer curtain
4. Water-resistant glue or screen filler
3. Ink
4. One Sunday afternoon with your favourite music

Trace your design with a pencil

Cover all the areas that you don't want print to show using screen filler. 
You can substitute it with water-resistant glue like Mod Podge.

Now put some ink!

Slowly remove the screen and you will see....

My favourite design so far - Birdie!

Once you have your design the possibilities are endless! (almost)


When I came home the other day I found the sofa delivered in the front room as well as something else... 

Mad teeth monster! (cast of Tom's teeth) A bit freaky though, Tom...

Have a nice week!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hello lovelies, hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday I was making a little present for someone who always makes and tells and shows me lovely things. It's a new version of my Okaeri - it's a little "Imagine"!

You read it as "Souzou"- it's "Imagine" in Japanese.

Sewing together with vintage lace and fabric. Loving the vintage lace.... 
I know it's really girly but I just love it. Sigh....

 Cutout felt hand sewed onto the fabric. Still loving the lace... (OK, you got the idea.)

 I hope she likes it! (Otherwise I will keep it meself.)

I have been feeling a bit grumpy recently (blaming the weather) but this post by someone I know (I miss you!) made me smile! Afraid of ageing? Fear not ladies, check out these lovely creative grannies... What a great idea this is! I should get my grannie to join them as she can certainly knit too!

Have a lovely week everyone! X 

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Spining Green Valentine

Hi there! It was such a lovely Saturday yesterday (by the way, we went to see the amazing Totem!) with lots of sunshine but it quickly turned back to a grey Sunday today. Nevermind - it's the perfect day to do some baking! It's Valentine's day tomorrow so I decided to make some cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook that I got for my birthday last year. Didn't feel like chocolate so I went for green. Yes, Green Tea Cupcake!

 It tastes as it looks. Sweet green tea! Relax, it's delicious.

 The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook -  You can't go wrong! 
So pretty just to look at it. 
(another way to enjoy the book! Sometime I just stare at it for hours.)

Well, when I was waiting for the cakes to cool down after being baked, I was making another little present to go with that I saw somewhere the other day and I thought it was brilliant...

One side is me. 

 The other side is the man. Now spin it around... Yes, that's right...

Ha! How brilliant is that! 
Just print out some photo and put it on paper and spin! 
You can kiss anyone!

Happy Valentine's Day! X

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Printing Crazy Weekend

Hello there! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Last Christmas I got into printing to make Christmas presents. Printing is something I was always interested in but wasn't brave enough to try.. Instead of spending a lot of money, I went for handmade printing Christmas presents which, in fact, turns out that everyone liked.(well, let's hope so!)  Since then, my passion for printing has got bigger and bigger and this weekend I tried a different but basic printing technique from one of the books I got recently.  

It's lino block printing! You might remember doing it at school and it's a basic printing technique but a lot of fun!  

I carved a flower motif and print it on plain white curtains that I alway thought were a bit boring. 

 Another leaf motif with pastel green colour

Yay! The boring white curtains are no more!
By the time when the curtains are all dried and ironed it was already dark outside.
 Sigh... The weekend is nearly over...


Just to share the books I got with you - they're so inspiring and each one comes with a lots of pretty patterns! Wish a weekend was three day long for more printing!

Have a lovely week everyone! X


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