Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Big 9 Months

this is the second post this year which is not too bad since i gave myself a little new year resolution. i am usually not very good at keeping it so I am starting small.

i am due tomorrow (wooo!) but the baby has not showed up just yet (as you can see the empty crib!). i am feeling a lot more pressure downstairs and started to have slightly different sensations in my belly so hopefully this is the sign........ (fingers crossed!)

it's been an exciting and big 9 months (literally!). this is my first pregnancy and it was totally a whole new experience. i enjoy being pregnant and i think i'll miss it! luckily i didn't have major problems along the way but there have been a lot of changes on my body and thought i should document it here.

first trimester
  • morning sickness. for some reason I went off sandwiches. Weirdly a thought of having sandwiches made me sick (lunch at pret a manger? no way.) 
  • total exhaustion! Never felt that tired in my life
  • sore boobies but bigger! (Yay!) 
  • no appetite and weight loss (I was living only on cereals and japanese noodles) 
second trimester 
  • the first time when I felt the baby move was just amazing
  • a lot more energetic 
  • occasional strong pain on my fibroid (i found i have a fibroid outside my uterus wall but thankfully it's harmless and nothing serious) 
last trimester 
  • severe pelvic pain but it's got better after a while (we got too excited and overdid it a bit on our holiday in berlin...) 
  • swollen hands and feet (not fun!) 
  • stretch marks (not fun at all!) 
  • insomnia (i now need 7 pillows to make myself comfortable in bed) 
  • i still don't know why but i barely have hair on my leg now but got so much on my back like a hairy old man. oh dear. 
there are so many more small changes but these are the major ones i thought i'd write it down to remember the good time. the only thing missing now is the baby in the crib........! 



  • つわり。不思議な事になぜかサンドイッチが無理に。サンドイッチの事考えただけではきそうに。かなり謎!
  • すごい疲労感。人生であんなに疲れたことないくらい眠いしクタクタで仕事の後はベッドに直行。
  • 胸がはっていたい。でもサイズも大きくなって人生初のぺちゃぱい脱出!笑
  • 食欲がなくなって3キロほど体重減少。(これまたなぜか、シリアルかにゅうめんしか食べたくなくなった)
  • はじめて胎動を感じたときは感動!
  • 疲労感もなくなり元気がでてくる
  • 今回の妊娠で子宮の外側に筋腫があることが発見。たまにキリキリ痛くなる。でも筋腫じだいは悪性ではないので一安心。
  • 骨盤が炎症して歩けないくらい一時すごい痛くなる。でも安静にしていたらだいぶ回復。(ベルリン旅行にいった時にどうやらはしゃぎすぎた模様....。自業自得。)
  • 手足がむくんでパンパンに!
  • 妊娠線出現!(涙)
  • 睡眠不足。なぜか目が覚める。さらに枕7個くらいをカラダのまわりにセットしないと寝れないほどおなかもパンパンで苦しい。
  • なぜか足のむだ毛がほとんどなくなったかわりに背中が男みたいに毛深くなった!(トムもちょっと引いてたほど毛深い。笑)でもなんで背中!?ホルモンって不思議やねぇー

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