Monday, 27 August 2012


hello! august is nearly over and looking back, we've done lots of things this month. tom has been off the whole month (the best part of being a teacher!) and it's nice to have him round all the time. the highlight of the month has to be our summer holiday in spain and i'd like to share some of the pictures here today, if you are interested... thankfully my energies are back and i really enjoy my pregnancy now. i've started to feel the baby move too! it's amazing but pretty weird at the same time. really made me realise that there is a little person in my belly!


anyway here are some photos of spain! 


one of the things i miss living in london is a sunny sandy beach. 
we got so excited like kids when we got to the beach and felt the sand and water on the feet. we were perfectly happy just sitting on the sand listening to the waves coming and going.   


we did a home exchange for the first time (have you seen the film, the Holiday? yes, that's theoretically how it works, minus all the fancy romance and drama! ) and i must say it was such a big success. we were very lucky to get to know some great people who were so hospitable and generous and made our holiday very special. we definitely recommend it if you are interested. you get free accommodation after all! 


we'll be back again, spain! you were so lovely and good to us - we love you! 


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