Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sun, Heat and Camels

Seriously, the weather couldn't get any worse than this, right? People generally love talking about the weather in this country (or moaning is probably the correct way to put it :) but now I clearly see why and I can't help myself joining them as it's SO bad.

Having been hit by an awful storm of freezing rains and winds yesterday (quite literally) and even getting to the nearest bus stop seems to be a mission at the moment,  I had no intentions to go out today. All I did was dream about all those places we have ever been to where the sun is shining, hot and happy. 

We went to the Sahara desert last October and that's probably the driest place we have ever been to. The feeling of sun burning on your skin and the dry heat in the air seem to be far far away and I can't quite remember it anymore...  At least this video and pictures of the holiday are making me a bit happier!



あまりにも天気が悪いので、今日は1日中室内で過ごしてます。笑 いままでに行った暖かくて晴れてて楽しかった旅行の写真なんか見ながらため息つきながらまったり....。去年の10月にサハラ砂漠にいったんですが、あの太陽が肌に焦げるくらいあつい感じ、もう忘れそう!早く暖かくならんかなぁー!その砂漠のホリデーのビデオと写真をちょっくらどうぞ♡

Oh, can anyone bring back the sunshine please! :)
(more pictures here

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