Thursday, 22 March 2012


What a week! It's been such a hectic week getting ready for the weekend. Busy but well excited! Also I am SO happy that spring is on its way. Walking in the park is so much fun now (It gets me out the house!). I feel very lucky to be able to live so near the park where you can spot pretty swans and geese resting in the water. Spring is definitely my favourite season!


Also it was my birthday last week. Tom took me to a musical, Singin' in the rain as a surprise. It rains on the stage which was such an excitement! If you get a chance, go and see it! It really is a feel-good musical! (and be prepared to get wet if you are sitting on the stall! :)

そして先週末は誕生日でした。Tomさんがサプライズでミュージカル『Singin' in the rain』(雨に歌えば)につれていってくれました。なんと舞台上で雨が降ります!たのしかった!踊りも満載!もし機会があれば是非見に行ってみてください。おすすめ!(ちなみに舞台近くの席がたのしそうです。雨にぬれます!笑)

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Hope everyone is well and happy! x 

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