Saturday, 5 November 2011


Hello people, did you go and see the firework displays last night? We stayed in (we both had a long week at work this week..) but enjoyed peeping out the windows for some beautiful fireworks in the neighbourhood. By the way, where did October go? Can you believe it's 7 weeks until Christmas! Hope everyone is having a great autumn before it gets really wintery!

Me and Tom went to Morocco a couple of weeks ago and I would like to share some of the pictures here! I'd never been to Morocco before and frankly didn't really know much about the country. As soon as we stepped out of the airport I was blown away! It was motorbikes, donkeys, colourful mosaic tiles, kids on bicycles, dryness, ladies in beautiful dresses and head scarves, rocky mountains and the sun burning on your skin. What an exotic and amazing country!

We were absolutely stunned by the beauty of the Sahara desert. Sitting on a sand dune looking at the sun set, my worries and problems suddenly seemed so small and pointless. Ahhh, I love being on holiday and discovering the world! (I still have a lot to see though!)

P.S. After feeling blessed and overwhelmed, we got lost in a sand storm in the middle of the desert. Yes, that's correct - we got lost. Click here for the full story written by Tom!


  1. Amazing colours. Brought a little of warmth to my chilly British evening :)

  2. Thank you! Everything was so vivid and lively and we were taking photos like mad! :)



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