Sunday, 13 November 2011

Before and After: Bathroom!

Hey friends, Genki? Hope you've had a lovely autumny weekend! I was feeling a bit stressed having been busy at work this week but I felt so much better and refreshed walking in the sunny park this afternoon. The trees beautifully changing colours, the crisp autumn air, kids laughing and running around and the sensation of stepping on the dry leaves on the grass. I love autumn! (What's your favourite season?)

When we first moved into our flat, there were two things that came into our minds. "Doing up the kitchen and bathroom." They are not too bad but a bit outdated and not exactly pretty. After talking to our friends in search of a handyman who could do it cheap, and looking at hundreds of bathtubs and toilets and tiles on the internet, we got a new bathroom! Although we tried to lower the cost as much but it was still a lot of money for us (we will just have to live on soup and bread for a while!). It looks like our kitchen will stay the same for now but I am glad we got the bathroom done!

Etching print I did a while ago on a piece of reclaimed wood from Gathering Moss

MUJI never disappoints me. Neat shampoo bottles! Love it. 

A little Chinese dog from a lovely shop Rouge
(Maybe it's a fox. Or a rat? or some Chinese animal that I've never seen.)

I love our new black and white floor tiles! Whoo! 

Have a great week people!  G x 

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