Sunday, 16 October 2011

Before and After - Living room

Hey folks! Hope you are having a great and sunny weekend. I was so happy to wake up to the sunny morning today and I've been feeling very energetic all this morning! How about you? What's your plan for the rest of the day? Whatever you do hope it will be a great one!

So, I have been a bit away from blogging lately. I was very busy/poorly/studying (Try! Did you pass?) /shopping (only 5 mins from our flat! Someone needs to lock me up otherwise I will be there every weekend!). Meanwhile our newly bought flat is slowly making a progress and things are coming along. Yesterday we spend our afternoon putting wallpaper up in our living room (finally!)  Here is the before or after of our new living room!

We literally got covered in paste (I got some paste on my hair too and it went rock hard like chopsticks!) and it was quite a work (harder than you think watching those how to clips on youtube. They do make it look so easy!). One advice for you if you are planning to hand wallpaper - DON'T put paste on the wall. Always do it on the paper. Some videos say it's easier but it's a lie!  It made the paper very lumpy and creasy (unless we were doing wrong?).

Also this morning, I got an email from my lovely friend from Japan which made me very happy. She and her boyfriend got married in Kyoto (here!). Doesn't she look super gorgeous? I love the fact that we did it in a very traditional way. Congrats! 

Have a great week everyone! Gumi 


  1. Aww Gumi that is gorgeous!!



  2. Thanks Alex! It was hard work but worth the effort! :-)

  3. Hi Sugumi!!! I love your blog :) and your new flat!!!! All the things you do are very nice, you are very creative, keep doing it!

  4. Ahh thank you Raquelita! You made my day!! x



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