Sunday, 4 September 2011

Broadway Market

Hello guys! Hope you are having a lovely and sunny weekend! Since the recent weather has been so miserable I get so excited just to wake up to a sunny day in the morning lately! (I almost forgot what a sunny day felt like.) To make the most of the lovely Saturday yesterday, me and my friend Yoko went out to one of my favourite markets in London, Broadway market which is now only a 10 min bus ride from our new home (Yay!). Unlike the other local markets, this is definitely not the cheap one but what is great about this market is that you can shop for something special and quality like super stylish handmade lingerie! (Expensive but a great idea for a gift!) Also it's packed with full of good looking boys and girls which is always a good thing. Yes.

As we are browsing the market this one caught my attention. It's a lovely cake stall run by a friendly Japanese lady, Tamayo (here is her blog) who is a full time mother of two during the weekdays but she runs this lovely stall with full of AMAZING cakes!

Check out these ones! Aren't they SO pretty?? 

Loving the birds! All the cakes look delish! 

Something else which caught my attention was these adorable little brothers selling apples in the park! Everyone was so curious what these cute little boys were up to, (good tactic for a business!) and they were actually selling well! By the way, can you spot a man lying on the grass at the back? That's their dad keeping an eye on them (or shall I say "supervising" them?!)

As you might know we recently bought a flat and it's still far from how we want it to look like. I will be posting some more pics as it progresses so hope you stay tuned! In the meantime this is a view of a stunning sunset the other day from a kitchen window in our flat. We were all lost for words....

Have a great week ahead everyone! Gumi x 


  1. Hello Tsugumi,

    what a lovely, lovely blog, congratulations!!! I like the variety, the lovely pictures and the way you write. Seems I only get to know you now, huh?

    All the best,

  2. Thank you Franziska! It was very nice to see you the other day! I'll be emailing you soon because I'd love to know what you're up to and about your new career! X



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