Thursday, 18 August 2011

We have moved!

Hello friends! Hope you have all been good and enjoying the last bit of summer! Oh I missed blogging! It has been a little while since my last post as we didn't have the Internet until recently (Nightmare!) at our new flat. Yes, we MOVED! We bought a flat! The last couple of weeks have been quite a full on journey - lots of packing, carrying things, painting walls, unpacking, serious cleaning, sleeping just on a mattress, not being able to find my underwear (FYI, I did in the end!) and more unpacking! But it has been well exciting all the way and we are so pleased and are enjoying having a bit more space having lived in a tiny weeny flat for a long time!

 The view from one of our rooms.
(It looks a bit like those scenes in Mary Poppins, don't you think??)
 So what are we going to do with this huge pile of books!? 
We seriously need big bookshelves!

My crafty shelf

Moving is very exciting but it take a while to settle and get the place how you want. Our place still feels really empty and a bit soulless and I am spending everyday making a wish list in my head and getting excited! Here is my with list..... 

I fell in love with its 50's look of this wallpaper from FankyWalls.

I SO want this fridge one day. (Did you know Smeg even do retro washing machines!)

This has to be the ultimate bathroom!

Dutch does it well.

Tom wants them for his bookshelf.

There are so many pretty vintage clocks like this but isn't it hard to find one that works perfectly? I have failed few times in the past..

We are off to Edinburgh tomorrow to see this very talented lady in The Edinburgh Festival. (Yay!) I can't wait to see her and I am so excited to go on a train too! (taking 5 hours but who cares!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Gumi x


  1. You have excellent taste in wallpaper and I am also dreaming of SMEG appliances one day. Very happy you have a nest for you two.

  2. Thank you bardotty, we are both loving our new flat! Can't wait to get the place a bit more nice and homely!

  3. 初めまして。素敵なブログですね!


    語学学校を考えているんですが、学校ってどういう雰囲気でしたででしょうか? もし良ければ教えて頂けたら幸いです。


  4. こんにちは!イギリス留学かんがえていらっしゃるんですね!

  5. お返事ありがとうございます。働かれてるとはびっくりしました(笑)。




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