Sunday, 3 July 2011

Tweet tweet!

Hello folks, hope you have been blessed with the sunshine over the weekend! It's been wonderfully sunny and hot in London. This weekend I made something with one of my favourite materials - felt!  It's fun, colourful, cheap and easy to handle, and I just like the softness of it!

Here is something I made this weekend -  a little birdy brooch!

It's so simple to make!
Just cut some felt into whatever shape you like and just glue it together!
You can even glue a brooch pin on the back if you don't fancy sewing it on.

Here is the day of Miss birdy in snap shots!

 Sunbathing on flowers out in the garden..

Browsing more flowers in the market...

Having a rest enjoying a tea and cake...

Resting on blue hydrangea thinking about the busy week ahead...

Now she is back where she should be!
Have a great week people!

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