Sunday, 31 July 2011

Super Easy Lemonade!

Hello people! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend! What did you guys do today? I saw a lot of people outside enjoying the sunshine like we did while the weather was so blissful! It's August tomorrow and I really can't believe how fast the year is flying by. (Can you?) It feels like it was only yesterday when I first started this blog!

Anyway, Tom and I went for a picnic in Victoria park this afternoon with our lovely friends (her and her) and Tom's mum. I made a little surprise for them which is a perfect way to enjoy a hot sunny day - Handmade Lemonade! (Super easy!)

All you need is
3  lemons
140g  sugar 
1L water 
Mint leaves (if you have some)
(I used Perrier sparkling water instead. Delicious.)  
Here is the recipe and you can make it within 10 mins! Brilliant.

I had some time before they turned up so I also made my own labels for bottles! These are the pictures from Japan when they all came over for our wedding. It was such a hot day and looking at these pictures takes me right back to that time!

 "I love you guys!"

Apart from enjoying food and drink what else do you do when you go for a picnic? That's right, it's frisbee time!

 Click here for Tom's great move! 

Click here for more fun!

Have a great week everyone! 

PS I am soooooo excited about Cariad Lloyd, my sister in law, who is now up in Edinburgh Festival for her brilliant comedy show. Here is a review by the Guardian! Amazing! x

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