Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rainy day lunch

Hi my friends, hope you are having fun this rainy weekend. How do you spend your time when it's pouring outside like this weekend? I just like to watch the world go by in the rain but it's also a perfect day just to stay indoors and have some fun cooking!

I had my lovely friend Yoko come over and since it was raining SO much outside she offered to cook something for lunch. She is an amazing cook so I instantly knew it was going to be a fun and tasty afternoon! Here is what she made, Cabbage rolls. It's so easy yet delicious and great for a cold rainy afternoon! My mouth is watering just writing about it.

Makes about 10 rolls
minced beef  300g
onion  1/2
egg   1
cabbage   10 leaves
bacon   10 slices
chicken or veggie stock
 nutmeg 1 tbsp and bay leaves 2-3 (If you have some)

1. Make the stuffing. Mix the minced beef and an egg and finely sliced onion in a bowl. Season it with salt and pepper and nutmeg (if you have some)
2. Roll it. Wrap up the stuffing with a boiled cabbage leave.
3. Roll it again with a bacon.
4. Cook it. Place all the rolled cabbage in a pan. Pour some water and some chicken or veggie stock and some bay leaves if you have. Cook it for 20-30 mins. (the longer you can cook the tenderer it gets.)
5. Enjoy!

You might not believe it but she even cooked some scones for dessert.
Isn't she amazing? I wouldn't mind rainy weekends anymore!
Have a great Sunday!

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