Sunday, 26 June 2011

Welcome to London

Hi lovely people! Hope you are enjoying a sunny weekend! (Thank god for the sunshine!) This weekend has been another exciting one with my friend's band being at Glastonbury (Wish we were there!) and my best friend arrived in London! Can't get more exciting than this!

 Our welcome plan for my friend started with a small crafy project..
 Hand mand little goodie bag with some smellies.
Nothing better than having a bath after a long flight, right?

Don't forget the Union Jack! 

Hope she likes my hand made goodie bag with love! 

With the little presents in our hands, 
we went to Heathrow airport to pick her up! 
(By the way, unlike the other ones Terminal 5 is so nice and clean!)

 After a long anxious but exciting wait.... 
Here she is with a big smile!!

Our welcoming plan wasn't quite as dramatic as this 
but I am so glad that she is finally here!

PS Who will be dancing to Beyonce on TV later on today? 
Definitely me and Yoko! X

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