Sunday, 5 June 2011

This is not what I expected

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. Can you believe it's June already? (How did this happen?) This weekend I tried a little alteration on my dress that I bought a long time ago but had been hidden in my wardrobe since. Have you ever done online shopping that wasn't quite what you had expected? 

 I was supposed to look like this! She looks well cool in the dress!
But it's too big on me especially the shoulders look enormous... Boooo.

So, I did a little bit of alteration! Sewed and tucked in the shoulders and shortened the length!


Now I can finally wear this dress, we went out for a Sunday brunch at the trendy East end restaurant, Bistrotheque. You might imagine the piano man is playing classical music but his music selection was strictly cheesy pop music only, like Diana Ross. That's what I am talking about!

Pancake with bacon and maple syrup. I thank American poeple for inventing this. Yum.

Tom having Egg florentine.

Roasted peaches with honey and thyme (I know!) and mascarpone cheese. 

We had a great brunch and also the piano man put me in the mood for Diana Ross all afternoon! 
I have her on spotify as I write this!  

Doesn't she look amazing in this picture? 

Have a great week everyone!

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