Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pom pom and messy bun

Hi people! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! Isn't it so good that it's still light until late in the evening? I feel like I have extra time everyday! This weekend I got a bit carried away making these little woolly things, pom pom!

It's much easier to make than you think! 
Wind your wool around you fingers and keep winding winding and winding... 
About 100 times for big one 50 times for small. 
(Depending on the thickness of your wool)

Once you have the amount you like, take it off from your fingers 
and tie it up with a bit of wool and make a knot.

And cut the rings open on both sides. 

 Bit of trimming...

 Pom pom pom pom!

No more bad hair days! 

Not only for hair!

I keep spotting pretty girls with a cool messy bun lately. 
Here is a great guide on how to make messy French bun
If you accessorise with a pom pom wouldn't it be even prettier?

Have a great week with nice hair! x

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