Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sun, Flowers, and Elephant cushions

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a sunny weekend. Today the weather was so lovely in London so we decided to get some lunch at one of our favourite spots in East London, Columbia flower Market. The beautiful and colorful flowers all the way, the crowds of good looking people, the cockney flower-sellers and all the pretty shops on the street, this is definitely one of my favourite ways of spending a Sunday afternoon!

So pretty just looking at it!

Err, I found a fox man stitching on a window.

We usually get there around 2pm when it's closing
so you can grab a bargain!

Someone is happy!

Having been inspired at the market, as soon as I got home I found myself sitting in front of my trusty sewing machine. I had been meaning to make chair cushions, (I love our old-school table and chairs but it's a little uncomfortable sitting for a long time...) so finally got round to getting on with it!

The elephants and blue spotty fabric that I got in Japan. Love it! 

 Hopefully no more aching bums!

Looking and smelling good...


  1. Hey there, I'm the sewing fox man. Your blog is so lovely and inspiring. Say hi next time you are at the market.
    Oh... and the pink flowers you bought are called peonies. Such a lovely scent to fill a room.
    Kindly, Nathan Thomas Hanford

  2. Hello Fox man! What a surprise! Thank you for the lovely message. I am only a beginner but love stitching too! Hopefully I can put some more on this blog!



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