Monday, 30 May 2011

Before and After

Hi peeps! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. (Thank god for the long weekend!) Since we had a longer weekend I finally tried something I'd had in mind for a while - Going to a DIY shop and doing some DIY myself! (Sometimes going to Homebase is as fun as going to Topshop!) We bought this second hand chest of drawers from a local charity shop for £15 (Bargain!) and had been meaning to give it a bit of love. Here is my first "Before and After"!

It wasn't really a hardcore DIY and we only sanded and painted it but it was so much fun!

Sandpaper and cork block to speed up the process

Tom sanding his socks off. It's a man's job, right? 

I love the colour of this paint by Laura Ahley - Chalk Pink

Now I have this growing desire to paint everything in the flat!

There is another Before and After we experienced this weekend... 

And after!

Hope you enjoyed my first Before and After.... x

1 comment:

  1. very nice paint! and very nice hair from tom-beau! x



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