Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ganbare (Don't give up)

 Hello lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend with lots of sunshine! It finally feels like spring has arrived after a long long wait. Thank god! 

Although it was so tempting to be ouside but I dedicated my weekend to make some new items for my etsy shop, Craft Aid. Ta-da! Please have a look, hope you like it!

 Mini Black Bird Cushion  Pink stripy £5.00

 Mini Black Birdy Cushion  Blue stripy £5.00 ... and more!

This week I was so encouraged by so many people trying to help those in need in Japan. I was so happy to know that they are doing their own thing to help Japan. Even Lady GaGa. (Not that I am a fan of her but she does certainly have influence!) I would like to share with you some of the great fundraising events.

        Artistic way to help Japan!

My friend Koich is playing this fundraising show with Bo ningen and Comanechi on 10th April at Hoxten bar and Grill. Yay!

 My friend Ai has an etsy shop called AikyoCreation and 
she is also donating all the profits until 15th April. 
Go you!

Ganbare Nippon! Don't give up Japan!
Have a lovely week! X


  1. Thank you! It would be so great if more people get to see my blog/etsy shop to help Japan! x



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