Sunday, 6 February 2011

Printing Crazy Weekend

Hello there! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Last Christmas I got into printing to make Christmas presents. Printing is something I was always interested in but wasn't brave enough to try.. Instead of spending a lot of money, I went for handmade printing Christmas presents which, in fact, turns out that everyone liked.(well, let's hope so!)  Since then, my passion for printing has got bigger and bigger and this weekend I tried a different but basic printing technique from one of the books I got recently.  

It's lino block printing! You might remember doing it at school and it's a basic printing technique but a lot of fun!  

I carved a flower motif and print it on plain white curtains that I alway thought were a bit boring. 

 Another leaf motif with pastel green colour

Yay! The boring white curtains are no more!
By the time when the curtains are all dried and ironed it was already dark outside.
 Sigh... The weekend is nearly over...


Just to share the books I got with you - they're so inspiring and each one comes with a lots of pretty patterns! Wish a weekend was three day long for more printing!

Have a lovely week everyone! X

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