Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hello lovelies, hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday I was making a little present for someone who always makes and tells and shows me lovely things. It's a new version of my Okaeri - it's a little "Imagine"!

You read it as "Souzou"- it's "Imagine" in Japanese.

Sewing together with vintage lace and fabric. Loving the vintage lace.... 
I know it's really girly but I just love it. Sigh....

 Cutout felt hand sewed onto the fabric. Still loving the lace... (OK, you got the idea.)

 I hope she likes it! (Otherwise I will keep it meself.)

I have been feeling a bit grumpy recently (blaming the weather) but this post by someone I know (I miss you!) made me smile! Afraid of ageing? Fear not ladies, check out these lovely creative grannies... What a great idea this is! I should get my grannie to join them as she can certainly knit too!

Have a lovely week everyone! X 


  1. That looks lovely, great colours and textures!

  2. Lovely post, Gumi, and lucky Cariad and Ben: most of the Grannies I know are very creative - we of course were taught to knit and sew at primary school. I hope my efforts now are an improvement on my first knitting project - a purse - which ended up full of holes and caused much laughter in class as the teacher waggled her fingers through them. And I would add my great love gardening, when I feel grumpy (and who doesn't at the moment especially since Cameron seems to have cut the sun along with everything else) after a few minutes in my garden, sowing seeds, weeding or just walking around peace & contentment return....xx

  3. Thanks Karin and Linda! Linda, Gardening would only be my next big project if we ever get to have one! I never lived in a big house with a garden as you know what it's like in Japan with space, it's always my dream to have a big garden full of life like yours! x

  4. Haha! I miss you, too.

    I've been buying lots of fabrics these days. They are all coming from Japan. :-)

    How're you, my friend? X

  5. I love it!



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