Sunday, 27 February 2011

The First Bird of Spring

Hello there! February is nearly over and I really don't know how this happened! But the good news is spring is definitely in the air - I hope the warmer and longer and sunny days are making everyone happy.

Not only the spring on its way, you can't imagine how happy I am - a new sofa has finally been delivered! After a long painful days of not being able to sit comfortably watching telly, also a slight competition of "who gets the best spot", is over! (We had a freebie old second hand IKEA sofa given by the neighbour)

Now that I am gratefully happy, the printing weekend continues - this time it's an easy silkscreen. Don't be put off by silkscreen because this one is very easy and so much fun!

You don't need special equipment! All you need is:
1. Your own design
2. Your own screen made with embroidery hoop and sheer curtain
4. Water-resistant glue or screen filler
3. Ink
4. One Sunday afternoon with your favourite music

Trace your design with a pencil

Cover all the areas that you don't want print to show using screen filler. 
You can substitute it with water-resistant glue like Mod Podge.

Now put some ink!

Slowly remove the screen and you will see....

My favourite design so far - Birdie!

Once you have your design the possibilities are endless! (almost)


When I came home the other day I found the sofa delivered in the front room as well as something else... 

Mad teeth monster! (cast of Tom's teeth) A bit freaky though, Tom...

Have a nice week!


  1. Brilliant - do you know the work of Li Yuan-Chia ? Think you might enjoy. Linda xx

  2. thanks for the link! I like your blog- beautiful work!



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