Saturday, 1 January 2011

This is where I start

Since I got this lovely sewing machine for Christmas, I have decided to write a blog and post some of the things I make! I hope you enjoy and also that this helps me being creative!

I just love the look! It's a very basic one which is perfect for me!

 The thing I made today is a lavender fragrance bag. I had some dried lavender from Neal's Yard that I bought last year and thought it would a lovely thing to make! I got some cheap materials from the local craft shop and put them together... I have a soft spot for spotty fabric....

I gave one to my friend and hung one in our bathroom. Now the bathroom is smelling so lavendery.... I love it! 

A Happy New Year!  X


  1. This is brilliant!! You've very talented and I can't wait to see more creations!! All the best and success to reasonably Gumi

  2. loving it! you're making me want to start blogging agin!



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