Saturday, 15 January 2011


Hello guys! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Today I have been spending Saturday afternoon making bunting! You often see it at a party or wedding but I think this is such a lovely thing to decorate your room with even if it's not a party time!

I pulled out some blue/green colour fabric and cut them into a triangle.

It's fun to put them in order looking at the colour and patterns!

Sewing it together with white fabric cut into the same shape to thicken it. Hopefully it will look nice when it's all hanging up! 
Keep sewing and sewing....phew... and more sewing.... 

Now all the triangles are sewed together, I am sewing them onto a blue ribbon my husband got me on the way to his local weekly haircut as I realised I had nothing to sew it onto. 
Good choice, Tom!

Hooray! I love it! It looks nice in the hallway! You will be welcomed by my bunting when you visit our flat next time....

Happy weekend! X 


  1. I remember doing all the bunting for our wedding, that took ages, and I got so bored I sewed some frilly knickers on in place of one of the triangles! Yours looks really pretty though, and sensibly not too much to do in one go without going mad!

  2. It looks really nice!!! Can we make some orders?? ;-)

  3. I remember that knickers bunting and thought it was brilliant! Luckily my flat is small enough and I managed without going sewing crazy!

    Clem, I will make anything for you!(within my capability...)



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